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Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission(Mukti Mission)

Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission


Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope


Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission(Mukti Mission)

Mukti Mission has been empowering Indian women and children in India since 1889. The Mission was founded by Pandita Ramabai, a woman described by renowned Indian social reformed D.K. Karve as “one of the greatest daughters of India”. Ramabai was a pioneer in woman’s education and social equality, and an outstanding linguist, author and Bible translator. She dedicated her life in service to disadvantaged and marginalised children and women. Click here for more about the life of Pandita Ramabai.

Ramabai founded Mukti Mission in Mumbai in 1889 with the opening of the Sharada Sadan, a school of learning for child widows. She then went on to establish a residential community in Pune which sought to provide a home and loving community to all women in need:

“Soon the place was filled to overflowing with starving child-widows, orphans, victims of famines in Central India, and other needy women. At times, the Mukti Mission provided for as many as 2000. In addition to housing so many women, it had a kindergarten for young children, schools, a hospital, a refuge for ‘fallen women’, 64 cloth-weaving looms, five printing presses, tailoring and handicrafts, a flourmill, an oil press, a laundry, a farm, orchards, and wells”.

“The intension was that women should be accepted, nurtured, loved, trained, and equipped to take their place in Indian society as parents, teachers, nurses or Bible women. It was a place of empowerment and transformation – a model Christian community following the teaching of Jesus and the life of the early Christians”.

From “Jesus Was Her Guru” by Keith J. White.

View - Jesus Was Her Guru by KJW

Today, Mukti Mission lives on as one of Ramabai’s lasting legacies.

View the timeline of the Mission’s amazing history

The Mission continues to serve disadvantaged women and children from the Pune campus, as well as 18 other locations across 8 states of India. The residential community still provides safe shelter and a loving community to over 500 destitute and abandoned women and children who live in family groups homes named after flowers. Today, the Mission campus in Pune also has a hospital, nursing home, dental clinic, two primary schools, a high school, a junior college, a Special Needs School, a Creative Arts School, a nursery for abandoned / unwanted babies, a farm, a dairy and a church. Mukti’s other projects across India include children’s homes and hostels, pre-schools and schools, adult literacy centres and vocational skills training centres.

It is estimated the Mission has helped over 100,000 women and children since Ramabai first opened the doors in 1889.


Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope works collaboratively with local faith communities to offer programs that promote a sense of personal worth and potential amongst women and children in Colombo’s slum communities and Hatton’s tea plantations. Their programs seek to strengthen families and communities through education, health and nutrition, skills and vocational training, income generation and self-help groups, and awareness workshops.

Wings of Hope was established in 2013 by Rebecca Alexander. She herself is the daughter of tea plantation workers, and as a child she was sponsored under a similar program. With the opportunities provided to her through sponsorship she excelled at school, trained as an English teacher and eventually took up a position in an NGO teaching English to marginalised children in slum communities. Then in 2013 she started Wings of Hope, having experienced first-hand in her own life what a difference sponsorship and support can make in the life of a child and their family.

“Sponsorship changed my life completely and I am living proof of it. It is not only the financial support, but the prayers behind it. Many sponsors pray for their children, and I have seen miracles happen at the Centre where we work. Sponsorship transforms lives and it opens the doors of opportunity to children who have nothing. Sponsorship broke the cycle of poverty in my family. My sponsorship didn’t just help me, it helped my whole family. Sponsorship paved the way for a new beginning for my family, and our God is a God of hope and new beginnings. This is what Wings of Hope is all about”
- Rebecca

Today Wings of Hope invests in the lives of over 200 children and their families. Sponsored children receive access to education, educational supplies (including school shoes, uniforms, books and stationery) and access to basic health care and nutrition (including check-ups, vaccinations, and nutritional supplements for newborns). Young adults receive skills training and vocational support. Parents, particularly the mothers, receive skills training, income generation opportunities, and workshops on parenting, family planning, child protection and rights awareness. Wings of Hope also seeks to improve to living conditions and housing of families, in times of disaster seeks to offer relief such as food rations and emergency housing.

Click below to see a photo history of Rebecca’s life and the Wings of Hope story.