Safe Hub Project Appeal

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Safe Hub Project Appeal

The Safe Hub Education Program and Centre are locally based initiatives designed to support children growing up in the heart of the red light district. Both programs run “safe house” for children whose mothers work in the commercial sex trade, offering free education, shelter, and mentoring support between the hours of 8pm and 12pm. 

Young girls with family members in the sex trade are often stigmatised, and can find themselves at risk of child marriage, contracting HIV or engaging in the cycle of sex work themselves. Boys often face pressure from pimps and peers to participate in the sex or drug trade in later years.  The effects of this environment can have a devastating and lasting impact on a child’s physical, emotional and psychological development.

Your ongoing support through child sponsorship can build the resources and capacity of the Safe Hub programs and their dedicated team. We invite you to partner with us to create new pathways of opportunity that will lead to transformation, hope and freedom for these young lives through the work of Mukti India.

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