Wings of Hope in Sri Lanka

The images on our television show the disaster that has affected so many families in Sri Lanka at present. Rebecca Alexander and the team at Wings of Hope have sprung into action assisting the families of our sponsored children in the Bedeganne slum which has been so severely affected by the continuous rains and now flooding.

Rebecca writes: ‘Most of the children are at home helping their mothers clean up. Nithya, one of our sponsored girls, and her parents nearly lost their lives in the flood. She lives in Paduka and her home was washed away by the flood. She and her parents have lost all their belongings and have moved in with relatives today with absolutely nothing but the clothes they were wearing. It is a miracle that they are alive, it has been God's hand of protection over this family. Nithya will be facing the Ordinary Level Exams in December and is heartbroken to lose all her books.

The tea plucking families in Hatton are also affected as the women cannot pick in the rain which means no money for provisions for the family meals. We would like to help all the families under our wings. We have a total of 120 families and we hope to provide each family some relief aid which will include dry rations and toiletries’.

Sri Lanka

Mukti Mission in India

Young girls come to Mukti Mission escaping extreme poverty, exploitation and abuse. At the Mission, girls find safe shelter and a loving community that supports and encourages them to overcome their difficult backgrounds, envision the life they want for themselves and then make it happen.

Mission’s schools offer the girls a primary and secondary education. Some of the girls grasp this opportunity with both hands and are able to achieve marks that open doors to tertiary education. However, tertiary education often requires access to funds that these girls, and the Mission itself, just don’t have. And so, we invite you to help make it possible for these young women to attend university by giving to our tertiary education fund. Your gift will be used to pay for university fees, the purchase of stationery, textbooks and transport to and from the university.

You can partner with young Indian women to realise their dreams and build a life for themselves and their children, whilst at the same time giving India the gift of a social worker, nurse, psychologist, doctor or engineer.


Sri Lanka- Can you provide dry rations and toiletries to these families in their need?
India-Would you invest in the education and empowerment of young women?