Mukti's Gift Catalogue

Gifts of hope, freedom and life.

Give a Gift that can shape lives
Do you find it difficult to think of gifts for people you love?
The Mukti Gift Catalogue allows you to purchase gifts that are meaningful and life changing, things which will make a difference to the lives of the girls and women in India and Sri Lanka.

You can purchase from the catalogue:

  • As a general donation towards Mukti.
  • On behalf of someone in place of a birthday or Christmas gift (or other occasion). Mukti will send you a card which you can then send to the person to acknowledge this gift.

All donations made towards the Gift Catalogue are tax deductible.



GIFTS FOR INDIA - Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission

Sandals for Senior Women - $10

Rubber sandals or slip-on shoes for the senior women and those living with special needs. These sandals are appreciated by the women living at the Mukti Mission. They are ideal for wearing in the warm weather in India and give necessary comfort and support for walking.

Personal Care Kit - $25

Products such as soap, shampoo or towels are everyday items we might take for granted. For the residents at Mukti India, these small but necessary items help to make life a little more comfortable.

Bed Set - $40

Every person should have a comfortable place for rest that also provides a good night’s sleep. Your donation will help provide residents with fresh and updated bedding.

Furniture - $135

New furniture is needed for occupants to be able to store their clothing and personal belongings. Your gift will help make a home for a family in need.

Bain Marie - $500 contribution

Mukti India runs a kitchen that serves food to over 500 students, residents and staff. The kitchen needs mobile food trolleys to keep meals hot and safe, and to prevent waste and spilling. Your generous gift will greatly assist staff to run an efficient and functional kitchen.

Sports Equipment - $15

Students love the opportunity to play sports and share in team games. They learn social skills and benefit from keeping active. Quality equipment is important to encourage motivation and provide students with a variety of activities.


GIFTS FOR SRI LANKA – Wings of Hope Lanka

Iron sheets for housing - $15/sheet

Many houses desperately need iron sheets for ceilings and walls to protect homes from damage caused by monsoon rains. Your gift will help save a family from living with a leaky roof!
AUD 15 for one sheet or
AUD 120 for 8 sheets (one family’s need)

Toiletries Pack - $15

A large towel and some toiletries (like washing powder, etc.). This thoughtful gift of fresh clean towels and toiletries such as soap and washing powder, provides the small but necessary items families love.

Bucket - $10

Large buckets are very much appreciated by each family! The buckets make it possible to store clean water to drink and for household purposes, saving many long walks to a common tap. Also wonderful for collecting rain water.

Health Check-up - $25

Access to basic health services is not always possible for rural communities. Your gift will provide valuable medical and dental check-ups and healthcare for a child for a year.

Toilets - $650

Toilets are mandatory for a community to thrive in a healthy and safe environment, free from diseases that result from insufficient hygiene. This wonderful gift will provide a family with their own toilet, providing privacy and sanitation.

Housing - $100 contributions needed!

Too many families live in inadequate and damaged housing. Your gift will change that by vastly improving the quality of living for a family, and provide a safe and comfortable home where the parents often work long and tiring hours on the tea-fields. We are asking people to make contributions of $100 for this purpose.


If you're not sure which item to purchase for the children and women in India and Sri Lanka, you can choose to give any amount to 'where most needed'. These funds will be used to purchase items which didn't receive sufficient direct donations.

Please note: Gifts are indicative only and if funds raised exceed the requirements then those funds may be directed to other project areas.

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