Mukti's Gift Catalogue

Gifts of hope, freedom and life.

Give a Gift that can shape lives
Do you find it difficult to think of gifts for people you love?
The Mukti Gift Catalogue allows you to purchase gifts that are meaningful and life changing, things which will make a difference to the lives of the girls and women in India and Sri Lanka.

You can purchase from the catalogue:

  • As a general donation towards Mukti.
  • On behalf of someone in place of a birthday or Christmas gift (or other occasion). Mukti will send you a card which you can then send to the person to acknowledge this gift.

All donations made towards the Gift Catalogue are tax deductible.



GIFTS FOR INDIA - Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission

Sandals for Senior Women - $10

Rubber sandals or slip-on shoes for the senior women and those living with special needs.

Computers - $100

Contribute to providing computers and improved onsite WIFI connectivity to develop computer skills.

Child Bongo set
$20 each

Bongo set for children to learn, dance and make music.

Fruit trees and plants - $20

Plants and trees to provide shade and greenery for a family group home.

Lockable file storage unit - $450

File cabinet and lockable storage unit for Mukti’s social workers and program staff to securely store confidential documentation.

Sports Equipment - $40

Sports equipment for teenage girls to stay active and participate in team activities.

Swing set - $200

Three seater swing set for a family group home.


GIFTS FOR SRI LANKA – Wings of Hope Lanka

Umbrella and Raincoat - $10

Umbrella and raincoat to protect children from heavy rains during the monsoon season.

Emergency Lantern - $20

Emergency lantern to assist a family when the power goes off in the night.

Medical Care - $20

Annual medical check-up and emergency medication for a child.

Dental Care - $30

Annual check-up and dental education for a child.

Toilet - $650

Build a toilet for mothers and disadvantaged families labouring in Sri Lanka’s tea plantations.

Housing - $100

Contribute towards building and material costs so that families living high in the mountains of Sri Lanka can build and restore destitute and damaged houses.

Blanket and Pillows - $15

Bedding pack for children in Sri Lanka. Comfortable blankets and pillows allow children to rest properly and keep warm.


If you're not sure which item to purchase for the children and women in India and Sri Lanka, you can choose to give any amount to 'where most needed'. These funds will be used to purchase items which didn't receive sufficient direct donations.

Please note: Gifts are indicative only and if funds raised exceed the requirements then those funds may be directed to other project areas.

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