Easter Appeal

The Easter projects this year are about helping our partners to create spaces for marginalised girls (and some boys too!) to seek restoration and take hold of opportunities that promote empowerment. The two projects also involve food! Both physically and symbolically, these projects are about feeding young girls and boys - feeding their bodies to help them stay healthy and feeding their souls with a loving and supportive environment that constantly reinforces the message ‘you are valuable, you matter, you are seen and your life can be transformed!’. We invite you to partner with us.

Wings of Hope
Sri Lanka

Over 150 children attend Wings of Hope’s after-school program. There the children receive educational support and help with their homework; without it they fall behind at school because their parents are illiterate and cannot help them. The children also receive a nutritious meal to help them stay healthy and concentrate at school.

Mukti Mission

Over 200 children from backgrounds of extreme poverty, exploitation and abuse live at Mukti Mission in family group homes. Three times a day, Mukti’s dining hall is filled with the sound of children talking, eating and laughing. But the dining hall roof is made of asbestos cement, and the hall heats up like an oven in the summer months. Mealtimes are important for families, and we’d like to offer Mukti’s children a more pleasant family mealtime experience by replacing the roof with insulated roof panels to reduce the heat and make it a healthier eating environment.