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Mukti Mission - A Ministry to India's Woman and Children
Mukti is a Christian mission which is taking action to bring hope, and a positive future, to girls and women in India. Our aim is to change lives through a range of initiatives that demonstrate, in a practical way, the love of Jesus Christ. Mukti was founded in 1889 in India, where it is known as Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission, after its founder Pandita Ramabai and the Marathi word ‘mukti’ which means freedom, liberation and salvation.
29 October - 18 November 2014.  The trip includes 6 days touring in Nothern India and the rest of the time serving at Mukti in Pune.  It will be a life-changing experience - both for you...
The Mukti Australia Dinners are almost upon us. Vaishali and Rutika arrive in Australia next month and so we encourage you to pencil into your diaries one of their events in order to hear Rutika'...